Automated BUS Parking

Automated BUS parking garages offer developers several benefits over traditional garages, including improved space utilization, reduced costs, lessened environmental impact and a luxurious user experience

In a BUS automated garage this circulation space is not required, this helps developers better utilize the space that would normally be used for cars and people to move around, and allows more storage space for vehicles in that space.

This advantage allows companies to increase the projects ROI by using the extra real estate for more profitable purposes, like retail stores or additional apartments, or more storage for BUSES.

BUS automated garages allow developers to save on construction costs through reduced excavation, reduced construction time and lower land costs

BUSSES are being stored within a locked garage with no access to users or unauthorized personnel, making it virtually impossible to vandalize or steal from the BUSSES stored within the garage.

Can carry 16 busses in a 5 Bus Parking area, that’s about 70% more busses in a small footprint.

require 70 percent less area than traditional BUS garages


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