Villa Luxury Parking 



Mech.Parking Residential/Storage Parking is a strong two or four post simple parking lift, offering 3200kg capacity to stack almost any type of car including SUV, van, pickup, etc. Two parking spaces are offered on one existing space, up to 7 parking spaces in case of storage of cars, and is suitable for permanent parking, valet parking, car storage, or other places with attendant. Parking unit can be installed above ground or underground. Operation can be easily made by a key switch panel on control arm. crop

Lifting capacity 3200kg

Car height on ground up to 2050mm.

Platform width up to 2500mm.

Mechanical anti-falling locks enable multiple stopping heights.

Electric lock release provides easier operation.


24v control voltage avoids electric shock

Galvanized platform, high-heel friendly and slip resistant

Bolts & nuts passing 48hrs Salt Spray Test.

Akzo Nobel powder coating provides long lasting surficial protection


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