Circular Parking

Mech. CIRCULAR Parking

Tower, pit or tower/pit configurations with transfer area at either base level, top level or at one of the intermediate levels.  The Mech. Circular Parking dispenses the need of ramps and driving lanes, provides safety and security against theft, damage and vandalism and is environmentally friendly in respect of its compact construction and reduced emission of exhaust gases. Following the idea of “Green-Parking”: less area/ less traffic/ less Co2.

By installing Mechanical Circular Parking System, you benefit

More cars are accomodated on the same plot of land.

More cars are accomodated in a smaller space leaving additional space for commercial use.

Same number of cars can be accomodated in less than half the space of conventional parking.

Vehicle theft and vandalisn are no longer an issue and driver security is assured.

Compared to conventional construction, costs decrease by approximately 75% while the required surface area decreases by 65%.

Construction times are significantly shorter and the smaller construction area has a minimal effect on traffic flow when compared to conventional concrete parking.

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Great for car showrooms and valete parking.

The system is compacted (one Ø20m parking tower accomodates 80 cars), making it ideal for areas where space is limited.

The final parking operation is fully automated reducing the need for staff.


Automatic parking system for 8 or 10 cars per parking level

As tower and/or pit version with central transfer area

Safe for user and cars (no narrow ramps, dark stairs, no damage caused by theft or vandalism)

No ramps and driving lanes

No costly illumination and ventilation necessary

Fast access time, and easy operation

Suitable for residential- and office building, for public parking, car-sharing, car-rent, car-service centers

Following the idea of “Green-Parking”

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Conventional Parking

Used land space: (20m X 20m)

Parking Capacity: 12 cars

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Mech. Circular Parking

Used land space: (20m Diameter)

Parking Capacity: 120 cars

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PIT Circular Parking

Uses only 2  conventional car parking spaces and goes underground for a fully automated car parking experience that can accommodate large number of cars without disturbing the ground area.

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TOWER Circular Parking

With a diameter of only 20 meters, a Circular Tower parking can be constructed in any giving area.  With simple foundations, fast construction, and optimum parking space, this tower parking is very suitable and cost efficient.

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